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Maladie De La Mort


Maladie De La Mort - Paris Premiere

Last night, the multimedia-theatre-production that we co-produced premiered at the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris, directed by the renowned Katie Mitchell and produced by Mayhem’s John Higgins.

***“In a hotel room by the sea, a Man waits.

She comes at night. She only ever comes at night. She’s not to speak. She’s not to resist. Anything he wants, she must do. The cost doesn’t matter - he wants to learn how to love, what it is to experience Feeling again. This is not about Her. It is about Him.

Duras explores her conviction about the impossibility of authentic emotional or sexual intimacy between men and women. Katie Mitchell’s live cinema adaptation interrogates this central question, through a deep exploration of intimacy, gender, pornography and sex. “***

Check out the short teaser we also made for the show which is currently being broadcast on French TV channel ‘Arte’.